Thank you for your interest in my practice. 

I believe we all have a deep wellspring of wisdom, guidance and vitality within ourselves. Yet at various times we encounter inner and outer obstacles which challenge our established methods of coping and navigating through our unique life's journey. 

At such times we may feel lost, confused, hopeless, out of control or overwhelmed. We may experience an acute need to reach outside ourselves, beyond the confines of our usual circles of relationship and support, to engage in a new or continuing search for healing, growth, or direction. 

Although our own powers of growth and healing remain intact, they’ve often become covered over and lost amidst a confusing entanglement of habitual thoughts, feelings, images, behaviors and experiences. 

Whether through an accumulation of hurts, the unavoidable impact of socialization, or simply the lack of optimal supports, we often form or become knotted in internal conflicts that can cause us to lose connection with our innate power to create the lives we yearn for. 

I offer a safe, compassionate holding space in which we collaborate in applying the power of heart-centered mindfulness to map out and gently unfold the layers of old adaptations and untangle the knots of inner conflict that obscure your clear knowledge of your own truth, and in so doing we can help you recover the inner direction and courage necessary to make effective, concrete changes in your day to day life. 

By compassionately facing and integrating the painful, angry, scared, grieving and unruly parts within, we can help you move further along on your journey towards recovering the joy and equanimity of living your own unique, authentic, embodied life.